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On the Other Hand: Poets and the Practice of Drawing


Works by Sommer Browning, Renee Gladman, Tim Johnson, Kit Schluter, Brandon Shimoda, giovanni singleton, and Lynn Xu, curated by Joshua Edwards

Thoreau wrote, “The art of life, of a poet’s life, is, not having anything to do, to do something.” This might mean at times turning the line away from letters and toward images, as each of the poets represented in On the Other Hand have done. These seven artists—through drawings, sketches, scores, doodles, cartoons, contours, calligrams, and other mark-making—give shape to visions and concerns in ways that show the brilliance of the creative spirit finding its forms.

A selection of poems by each artist/writer can be found on the final page of this exhibit. Joshua Edwards writes about curating the exhibit on 1508, the Poetry Center's blog, where Brandon Shimoda also writes about drawing and dreaming.

The physical exhibition was originally displayed at the Poetry Center, January to March 2022.