Bone Key & Other Poems

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Bone Key inside 1.jpg

Title page which reads "Bone Key & Other Poems" in blue font.

Bone Key and Other Poems was produced in an edition of 180 copies by Cara Akins, Coleen Fretz, Kara Kindstrom, Susan Kulp, Tara McFadden, Adriane O’Brien, Michael Peich, Camille-Yvette Welsch, May Woody, and Nayjuana Woodberry of Aralia Press in 1997. The eleven poems in this book appear in Van Dijck and Weiss typeface and were printed on dampened Johannot, a mouldmade paper comprised of 75% cotton 25% esparto. 

Richard Wilbur. Bone Key and Other Poems. West Chester, Pennsylvania: Aralia Press, West Chester University: 1997.  

Bone Key spine.jpg

Spine of book.

Bone Key inside 2.jpg

Inside of Bone Key & Other Poems displaying title poem.