Emergency Tacos: Seven Poets Con Picante

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Emergency Tacos 1_cover (1).jpg

Cover of Emergency Tacos which dsplays a black and white wood cut print of a man and a woman drinking cups of coffee.

This chapbook-length anthology, published in 1989, presents work by Beatriz Badikian, Sandra Cisneros, Carlos Cortéz, Carlos Cumpián, Cynthia Gallaher, Margarita Lopez-Castro, and Raúl Niño. These seven Chicanx Chicago writers were associated with Galeria Quique, a monthly series of art showings and poetry performances hosted in 1981 at the loft of Enrique Cisneros, brother of Sandra Cisneros. In the introduction to the anthology, Cumpián describes the project as being about “working under adverse conditions (lack of time, money and tacos), yet finding solidarity as compañeros en la causa cultural.”

Emergency Tacos: Seven Poets Con Picante. Chicano i.e. Chicago: MARCH/Abrazo Press, 1989.

Emergency Tacos 2_back cover (1).jpg

Back cover of Emeregency Tacos displaying a bright red illustration of a chili. 

Emergency Tacos 3_copyright page detail (1).jpg

Copyright page of Emergency Tacos. 

Emergency Tacos 4_introduction (1).jpg

Introduction of Emergency Tacos.

Emergency Tacos 5_Sanda Cisernos (1).jpg

Sandra Cisnero's poem "Original Sin."

Emergency Tacos 6_Carlos Cumpian (1).jpg

Carlos Cumpián's poem "No Deposit No Returns."

Emergency Tacos 7_Cynthia Gallaher (1).jpg

Cynthia Gallaher's poem ""El Dia de los Muertos/All Soul's Day."

Emergency Tacos 8_Margarita Lopez-Castro (1).jpg

Margartia Lopez-Castro's poem "Again."

Emergency Tacos 9_contributor photos (1).jpg

Black and white portraits of all contributing authors.

Emergency Tacos: Seven Poets Con Picante