Circles, As In The Eye

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Circles As In 1_front cover.jpg

Cover of Circles, As In The Eye portraying an image of a black-and-white cross section of a tree trunk.

In the introduction to this early publication by Carol Bergé, publisher Paul Blackburn writes, “Carol Berge knows very well that I love her work, and would see it more widely spread: one of the most sensitive and perceptive poets writing today, and one with too little recognition for her sense of the craft.” Bergé’s sense of craft and attention to interpersonal relationships are evident throughout the compressed, urgent poems in this collection. Published in an edition of 500 copies, this chapbook was issued as the Winter 1968-69 edition of Desert Review out of Santa Fe.

Carol Bergé. Circles, As In The Eye. Santa Fe: Desert Review Press, 1969.

Circles As In 2_title page.jpg

Title page of Circles, As In The Eye. 

Circles As In 3_introduction.jpg

Introduction to Circles, As In the Eye.

Circles As In 4_open book.jpg

Circles, As In The Eyes open to two poems titled "all wars" and "the structure."

Circles As In 6_back cover.jpg

Back cover of Circles, As In The Eye that reads "$1" in the bottom right corner.