Immigration and Naturalization Service Report #46

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Immigration and Naturalization 1_full.jpg

Full view of "Immigration and Naturalization Service Report 46."

This square, bright red broadside urges the reader not to look away, the word “immigration” and an image of barbed wired prominently featured in the upper half. The poem, originally published in Eduardo Corral’s Slow Lightning, which won the Yale Series of Younger Poets award in 2011, depicts a surreal scene after a migrant’s body is found, vividly giving form to the tangled history of violence inherent in the U.S. immigration system.

Eduardo Corral. “Immigration and Naturalization Service Report 46.” Chestertown: Literary House Press, 2013.

Immigration and Naturalization 2_colophon detail.jpg

Detail of Eduardo Corral's signature in silver ink.

Immigration and Naturalization 3_title detail.jpg

Detail of barbed wire design.

Immigration and Naturalization Service Report #46