Robert Frost Christmas Cards: One More Brevity

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1 Frost_Brevity_cover.jpg

A tan pamphlet with the title printed in black beside a black and red star.

The text of Frost’s 1953 Christmas card describes giving shelter overnight to a lost dog, who then carries on his way with purpose the following morning; the poet reflects on the brief lives of dogs and the meaning that brevity brings into human lives. This copy is particularly notable for being inscribed by Frost himself to “Dear Bill and Julie” from “your faithful old friend, Robert.” Bill is William Sloane, Frost’s editor at his longtime publisher Henry Holt & Company.

Robert Frost. One More Brevity. New York: The Spiral Press, 1953.

2 Frost_Brevity_dedication.jpg

The dedication page of One More Brevity.

3 Frost_Brevity_interior-3.jpg

An interior page of One More Brevity.