Gamma Ut

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Gamma Ut cover.jpg

This signed first edition copy of Theodore Enslin’s Gamma Ut was printed in an edition of 100 by Tel-let Press in 1992. In a 2007 interview with Robert J. Bertholf, Enslin stated “that the poem should not be simply a game, that it should not be done simply to move these things, but that the color, the choice of words makes a color in the reading of this poem which corresponds to what the poem is saying, what its mood might be.” This philosophy is apparent in the sparse, yet richly descriptive poems found in Gamma Ut.

Theodore Enslin. Gamma Ut. Charleston, Illinois: Tel-let Press, 1992.

Gamma Ut interior 1.jpg

Interior page 1, with dedication

Gamma Ut interior 2.jpg

Interior page 2