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Bright yellow cover with "Raymond Di Palma" and "Max" in maroon text.

Bright yellow cover of Max.

Published in 1969, Max is the earliest publication by Ray Di Palma (credited as “Raymond Di Palma” on the book’s cover), a prolific poet and visual artist who would publish over forty books in his lifetime. The colophon memorably describes Max as being printed using “tired, old Octavian 14 point with Neuland and Hadriano for titles” on Warren’s Old Style paper.

Ray Di Palma. Max. Iowa City: Body Press, 1969.

Max 2_poem.jpg

Max opened to a poem titled "How Max Left Nickel Creek from Time to Time."

Max 3_colophon.jpg

Colophon of Max. 

Max 4_back cover.jpg

Bright yellow back cover of Max.